Welcoming the 4 Seasons in my Living-Room!

There are many times I invite people to try out Méta® Coaching with me, as with this newsletter. And there are many others when I don't...

Why? Well, aside all the nice ideas and ideals that attracted me to La Méta®, there is a very practical part which is not always easy for me to handle. This week, I moved one step forward, the 4 color seasons are within easy reach in my living room, yes!


Step 1: Getting the Colored Fabric

This part took a LOT of time. I went through stores in France and in Israel. I brought samples at the 2nd part of the professional training of Flora Douville, where she double-checked that I had placed them in the right season. I started sewing the hems and then I found local help.

Months of work. Done!

And even if I could always add more shades (and I will!), right now, I also have quite enough to do tests!

Step 2: (Re)Choosing the Living Room

I love my apartment, it has a beautiful window to a pleasant garden. It's convenient, since it has all the necessaries amenities, you know, coffee machine and all! It's got plenty of space to do color testing during the day.

BUT, it's also shared with my girls in the evening, and frankly, towards the end of winter, it was a mess. So, when I had people coming to do tests, not only I had to extract all my pretty fabric from a large suitcase, but I also had to spend 5 hours putting things away and cleaning the house. It wasn't impossible, I did it a few times, but it also wasn't easy, especially on days when I was low in energy (and if you think this is lame for someone who works from home, know that energy is one of the greatest challenges for entrepreneurs).

I looked at other places... In the end I came back to my house, but something had to change! I reorganized my house and I put my step down with my girls. At daycare, they put things away, don't they? So why not at home! Ok, basing parenting, you might think. It helps though, that Alma is growing up and more receptive to reasoning. In fact yesterday she decided to wash the floor, what a ⭐!

Step 3: Finding a Solution for my Colored Fabric

Now that you see the picture of the colored fabric nicely hanging from cloth racks, the solution is simple and obvious. It wasn't even expensive... But before I had found the solution, bought it, and put the fabric on it, well I didn't know how it would turn out.

This is the "pioneering" side of being one of the 15 Méta® coachs today. We have very few examples to refer to. And even if there are some, I also have my own constraints - I don't have a spare room or even a large living room, as you might find in France for my color tests. 

Now, combined with my photo shooting set, I'm all good 🙂

What about you, what are you recent challenges, and how it is the feeling before/after you've overcome them?

Marion Raikhlin

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