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Hand-Made Sandals @Louise de la Roche

Around this time last year, my mom made me a special birthday gift. She took me to a very special shop close to her house, where Edwige Berthoy hand-crafts sandals! The shop is called "Louise de la Roche", and it is no ordinary shoe shop. Starting from the setting in a beautiful stone house at the heart of a romantic little village few minutes off the A6, down to the "salon" feel inside the shop, it's special.

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Welcoming the 4 Seasons in my Living-Room!

There are many times I invite people to try out Méta® Coaching with me, as with this newsletter. And there are many others when I don't...

Why? Well, aside all the nice ideas and ideals that attracted me to La Méta®, there is a very practical part which is not always easy for me to handle. This week, I moved one step forward, the 4 color seasons are within easy reach in my living room, yes!

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