You’re Not Less Pro When You Kid Around!

What I like the most about coaching is the debugging, when the coach spots an issue or an inconsistency in what the coachee is saying, so she becomes free to move forward, in whichever way she feels best.

It's a game of give and take. Sometimes I debug, and sometimes I get debugged. Here are super fresh examples.


1) Debugging

This week, a coachee thought that she had "too many points in common with a man for it to be able to work out". But all the points she listed were about their common taste

Now, I don't know yet their Méta profiles, but I'd be very surprised if out of all the Méta profiles that exist, they have the exact same one. If you consider their skin tone, the way they move, and their body shape, we'd probably have to agree that they look quite different

And since they have (almost for sure) a different Méta profile, they'll be motivated by different triggers, they probably handle their emotions differently, and they don't necessarily have the same way of thinking and working with others.

As soon as she heard my point of view, she got it, how her previous thinking was buggy, and a whole new perspective opened up in front of her. She was able to easily let go of her old fears and play by new rules, closer to herself, and closer to what she wants in her life.

Waaaait a minute!!! That last part was quite an extrapolation!!! How can I know what happened after our session, and why do I add all that c*** about fears & rules & self?

Very simple, I know the process all too well cause I too get regularly debugged (you know, coached)… but sometimes, the debugging comes in unexpected places!

2) Debugged

As you know, I'm part of the Méta Coaching Team, created and led by Flora Douville. At this early stage in the development of the MCT, we're also pioneers. Sometimes we need to wait for Flora's input on what she wants for the team and how it should function. At other times we just go ahead and do what we do best: bringing La Méta® to the world in our very own way, as you can see on our Facebook page.

So, on Sunday, the latest updates came in. We all chipped in with our comments. Me too. And under one of my comments, Flora and I went back and forth a few more time than the norm. She's pro, and so am I (at least, I hope so!). But it still felt like something was off, and neither of us were willing to let it go until we got to the bottom of it.

And then, it happened. I got debugged…

You see, my head was clear, my intention as good as ever, but just as my focus was laser sharp, it was also rather cold. So no, I wasn't spreading my negative emotions around. But I also wasn't being my full me, including my SPRING side, light and fun… It's as if I had made myself believe that in order to be a pro, I also needed to lock part of myself away.

3) What came next

The moment that I became aware of this dissonance and I "saw" the perspective of a fuller me, then:

  1. I was so excited by this perspective, yeah!!!
  2. I saw how/why I used the "cold" approach in the past and how it is sometimes present today in my life or in my business
  3. I felt the energy that I'm continually spending to keep cool, the same way it continually takes energy to keep an ice-cube frozen.
  4. I immediately knew some of the things I want to change, such as choosing a warmer pink for my LeanInStyle logo (updating the color was actually at the back of my mind but now I have one more reason to do it)
  5. But I also don't really know what "being a light and fun pro" looks like at times when I used to go for cold & clear. Working this out will take time.

The bottom line - thank you Flora! Once again, you nailed it 🙂

Ps: Can you guess why I chose to illustrate this newsletter with a picture of a dancing girl next to Queen Victoria? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Marion Raikhlin

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