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Hand-Made Sandals @Louise de la Roche

Around this time last year, my mom made me a special birthday gift. She took me to a very special shop close to her house, where Edwige Berthoy hand-crafts sandals! The shop is called "Louise de la Roche", and it is no ordinary shoe shop. Starting from the setting in a beautiful stone house at the heart of a romantic little village few minutes off the A6, down to the "salon" feel inside the shop, it's special.

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Welcoming the 4 Seasons in my Living-Room!

There are many times I invite people to try out Méta® Coaching with me, as with this newsletter. And there are many others when I don't...

Why? Well, aside all the nice ideas and ideals that attracted me to La Méta®, there is a very practical part which is not always easy for me to handle. This week, I moved one step forward, the 4 color seasons are within easy reach in my living room, yes!

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The Choice You Have…

If you've followed me for a while, you've noticed that I try to send weekly newsletters on Wednesdays. Sometimes I don't make it so I end up sending them 1 or 2 days later. Sometimes I skip altogether, as I did last week.

No I don't like it. Yes I want to improve. But if you wonder what the hell was I doing yesterday that was more important than sending my weekly e-mail, then here it is.

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Ready for Some Serious Fun?

Deep down, you know. We all have access to knowledge and I'm no wiser than you. But then, you still opened this newsletter… SOO, go go go, let's tackle serious fun! With real life examples, of course - no need for dry theory disconnected from reality. There is plenty of that elsewhere.

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If I had made the subject line up (P.T.C.S.O.S), then you'd be totally entitled to think I came up with this weird twist to get your attention. After all, I worked in PTC for 10 years, and it's exactly 1 year that I left the company. So for those familiar with PTC, this title is awfully close to PTC SOS!

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TGV – Thoughts Gone VVild

Sitting in a TGV between Nantes and Paris, in a first class seat, I smile. You see, back in Israel, I live right next to a train track so everyday there are many trains rushing by. This time, I'm IN the train. Going from one specific place, to another very specific place.

It's like the choice we all have in life. We can seat back and watch the trains zooming by or we can acknowledge where we are, set ourselves a new destination, and take steps (or trains) to get there asap.

Neither is better than the other, as long as we are also willing to assess truthfully how we feel, right here right now. We're bored? So let's get moving. We're overstretched? So let's slow down.

Easily said. Harder to do in real time. But for now, I feel like I'm surfing life and this feeling is awesome! Let me tell you a bit more about yesterday, not to brag, but to share the joy, and to find some threads pulling me back to LeanInStyle.

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Experimentation vs Vision

Last week I received a long awaited box straight from China, with lamps and a background frame for a "photo lab". The pictures I took before were not good enough. The light was not constant, the background was problematic.

Now I could call a professional photographer, and I will when the time is right. But for now, I'm still at the tinkering stage. From my experience, it's a stage where vision and experimentation mingle.

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