La Méta® Explained In Pictures

Four months after I opened my blog and my Instagram LeanInStyle feed, it's time for me to reassess and readjust, so that all the good I did keeps on getting better and all the mistakes I did get taken care of.

But before I start that process, let's look at the last set of pictures I put up on Instagram and see what we can learn from them about La Méta®.


1) The Four Color Seasons

The pictures at the bottom right (pic #1 #4) show fabric categorized in 4 different groups, each for a different season of the year. 

Why bother classifying colors? Because you too emanate light in one of those seasons... 

How do you know which season is yours? Well, with a physical test, of course... Nothing theoretical here, just pure observation, hence the colored fabric!

2) The Four Elements

The 4 pictures at the center (pic #2 #5 #8 #11) represent the 4 elements. This are at the foundation of La Méta®, its most basic level.

There are many ways to understand what is around us - in other traditions, 5 elements are used, and that's fine too. But for La Méta®, we connect to the 4 classical elements to better discern the energies that we are made of.

Now, did you see the air in the movement of the dancing girl? The link to water with the jellyfish? The firm earth on which I stood? 

Or maybe the blue sky behind the dancing girl made you think of H2O, as it did to me the first time around? With air in the movement and water in the color, this is where, from simple elements, complexity starts to kick in.

3) The Three Structures

There are 3 main structures in humans, linked to our flesh, articulations, and spinal column. We are all made of these but also we all have one structure that is dominant in us.

Are you tall and thin like a stick (or should I say, like a super model), or are you all about curves (as in a Greek goddess)? 

Oups! What I just wrote was rather partial, and even judgmental.

If you want to focus on the purest shapes and just observe them, then look at pic #4, #5, #6 and you'll see the linear movement up the fabric, the wholeness/roundness of the jellyfish, and the points taking your eyes all over the place in the cactus picture.

4) The Supporting Material

On the left-hand side, I added pictures of color palettes (pic #3, #9, #12). I have several other color palettes that I accumulated from other sources. I won't write about this here but let's just say, as you learn to distinguish between colors, it's crucial to have accurate supporting material.

The same is true as you start a coaching process and you need a quick reference to what you've just learnt.

Yes, La Méta® is all about observation, a world away from what we've been used to at school, cramming more and more information into our heads. But let's not throw the baby with the bath water. Good supporting material helps! 

Going back to the color palettes:

  • pic #3 is one that I printed so you have a first contact with the four color seasons
  • pic #9 are Flora Douville's color palettes, with many more colors, but obviously more expensive
  • pic #12 are my colors!

Cause within a season, you can dive deeper and get an even more accurate set of colors.

5) The Items That Fit You

Who cares about knowing one's Méta profile! It's like with cars, your lifestyle changes drastically before and after owning one, but after the initial excitement, all that matters is that the car takes you from point A to point B quickly.

In the case of your Méta profile, finding cloth, shoes, accessories, jewelry... This is the final goal!

A bit more about pic #7 & #10, these are hand-made sandals, a special gift from my mom ❤️❤️❤️. I wrote about it here, an article well worth reading IMO!


I had fun planning my Instagram feed. And even though it's not the most conventional feed strategy, it resembles me, jumping from subject to subject while I knit together a greater story.

Which reminds me that I didn't even address the personality side of La Méta®, oups!

But actually, this is a perfect place to end, because it naturally brings up one nice point about La Méta®: there is more! Each time you thought you knew it all, there is more...

Marion Raikhlin

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