La Méta®

La Méta® is a powerful tool to reveal at the crossroad between personal development and image consulting:

  • La Méta® offers you a reading grid through which you can discover - down to the smallest details - what to wear.
  • But the outside world being inseparable from the inside world, each physical element is a direct reflection of your personality.

The depth of the Méta comes not only from the end product - your personal Méta profile - but also from the journey to unravel and then to truly own your profile.

Your Personal Méta Profile

With your Méta profile in hand, you know exactly what to buy or recycle so that whatever you carry close to your skin actually feels like a second skin:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes and bags
  • Hairstyle and glasses
  • Jewelry

You also discover key elements about:

  • What motivates you to carry out projects
  • How you handle naturally your emotions
  • How you work best with others

Where Does La Méta® Come From?

La Méta® was created by Flora Douville in 2007, after years of observing people and nature.

Flora initially based her work on the 4 season color test that was developed in the US last century by several people including:

Flora reviewed and refined the color palette for each season as she accompanied many people to discover their Méta profile. 

As La Méta® evolved, it became much more than a color test as is performed in color analysis:

  • Additional aspects (other than the skin color) are also taken into account when determining your color season
  • Once colors are personalized, so are fabric and shape
  • Each of these 3 layers is directly correlated to a specific personality trait

How Can I Know More About La Méta®?

Flora has written a book about her method, but it goes in much fewer details than her online course (both of which are in French).

Flora also trains continuously Méta practitioners. Currently this training is made up of two parts and takes place in Nantes, France. Those who completed both parts are considered professionals, or Méta coaches.

You can see the list of professionals here - I'm the last one on the list, living far far away in Israel... You can also see us all below, in this picture taken in Jan 2019 as we completed our training. We are pioneers, we are the first group of women who went through the second part of the course! 

I love being a pioneer, and guess what, it's totally coherent with my Méta profile 🙂 But I am not one who wants to keep the fun for myself! That's why I blog about La Méta®, and I'm available should you want help to explore this further!