Céline Delfosse – Méta Coach

Her Méta profile:

Spring | Fire | Diamond

A little bit about her:

Céline is first of all a doctor in psychology. She is also a star on a Belgium TV show loosely translated as: "Married at First Sight". She doesn't only fit the part, as the psychologist in a team of experts, she also looks the part!


What's the link to La Méta®?

On this particular TV show, the stakes were even higher than normal, as participants were carefully selected to match each other for an intense and potentially life-changing experience together.

This is when La Méta® comes in, since it's a super-fine tool for self-knowledge. I'm sure that as Céline observes her clients, La Méta® adds critical elements to her practice as a psychologist. I'm glad Céline has a secret tool in her back-pocket as she goes on her usual business.

What I love about her?

When I saw Céline for the first time, I was a bit intimidated. She incarnates my dream of what a woman should look like: super well dressed, with a touch of make-up, and a well-placed self-esteem that pleasantly emanates from her as would a sweet smelling perfume.

In fact, Céline's Méta profile is very close to mine, so when I look at her, I feel like I'm looking at a lighthouse that is showing me the way to the shore of womanhood. I almost feel as if Céline is a big sister to me, which is great because she sometimes calls me "little sister", so apparently the feeling is shared! 

My best Méta moment with her?

Going shopping with her as part of our Méta professional training. The exercise was meant to be both ways, that I should play her client and then she should play mine, but thankfully, we were both happy to do it one way.  

As we zoomed through 2 shops for an hour, Céline picked up with ease pieces that I would never have thought about. I loved the introduction we had before the shopping, as we discussed the goal of the shopping hour, and at the end, the debrief. I really felt that I was in good hands. 

Where can you find her?


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