Julie Dubois – Méta Coach

Her Méta profile:

Winter | Water | Line 

A little bit about her:

Julie is the star of the Méta coaching team. That's because she also is part of Flora Douville's team. Amongst other tasks, Julie leads a week with Catherine Gérémie so women who would like to follow Flora's professional training first get to discover their Méta profile.


What's the link to La Méta®?

Flora's business is like a rocket shooting for the stars. It needs good people like Julie to make it become a reality. But Flora's business is first and foremost about personal transformation, one heart at a time. That's where the Méta coaching team comes in. Julie is privileged to have one foot in each team.

What I love about her?

Her kindness. So many times during my training as a Méta coach, I needed quick feedback on a particular fabric or a specific color. So many times Julie was willing to land me her expert eyes to make an accurate assessment. 

Also, I love Julie's humbleness. She isn't about to shout all over the roof tops that she's the one in Flora's team and you're not. She's down to earth, fun to be around, with a very large heart.

My best Méta moment with her?

Watching her during Nicolas' interventions. Nicolas is THE coach, testing our limits and bringing to our consciousness issues that would otherwise be keeping us back. Days with Nicolas are no jock. They really turn us over, for the better. But during those days, it's tough!

Julie really dived into those days, head first. Her bravery pays off. She's a liberated woman, or the queen of "ta connasse intérieure" - and I won't even attempt to translate this one. If you speak French and this concept intrigues you, go check out her website!

Where can you find her?


#consciousness #nicolasgetin

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