Marie-Rose Corman – Méta Coach

Her Méta profile:

Spring | Earth | Diamond

A little bit about her:

Marie-Rose has healing hands and owns her own clinic. She's also a pioneer. She mastered lymphatic drainage at a time when it wasn't yet popular in Belgium. She went through great lengths to learn about the deepest meaning of colors and she can even perform therapy through color.


What's the link to La Méta®?

Your colors, according to La Méta®, are those that are in harmony with you and your skin tone. Yet colors as a whole act as a subtle but very real language. No wonder we are sometimes attracted by this or that color when we go cloth shopping. Marie-Rose can cover professionally both sides, both your Méta color, and your relationship with colors. 

What I love about her?

Marie-Rose loves good food, and loves life in general. As I took a plane with her mid-January to attend the last of Flora Douville's transformative professional course, we got to talk about her journey, which has not always been easy.

However, Marie-Rose keeps on going and won't give up, at an age where she could easily chose to quit professional life. Instead, she focusses on giving ever more value to her devoted customers.

My best Méta moment with her?

Seeing her Méta room. I visited Marie-Rose's center for a workshop end of February. This was not a Méta workshop but I hoped that Marie-Rose would lend us her fabrics in case we wanted to do some quick tests on participants during the breaks.

I was in for a real surprise when I saw how Marie-Rose elegantly arranged a room for the sole purpose of Méta coaching. Her color fabrics hanged on bars, easy to take in and out, and beautiful to look at. I was in awe, it was true inspiration!

Where can you find her?

#lymphaticdrainage #healinghands

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