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Marion Raikhlin: that's me, from LeanInStyle!
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Her Meta® profile: 

Spring | Fire | Circle

 A little bit about her:

Marion currently lives in Israel with her husband & 2 daughters. She is French but she lived longer abroad than in France. When she was a teenager, she chose to study in United Kingdom. Then she went to teach math & physics in China. And finally she settled down in Israel. She started a career in high tech in which she was very good at federating people around the emergence of new ideas. But that was before hearing about Flora Douville and her powerful method of self-awareness: La Meta®.


What’s the link to La Méta®?

 Marion is Spring. What motivates her most is the ability to reinvent herself, what she does, and the way she’s doing it. I understand better why she has lived in so many countries, and what she loved about her former job: new technologies, new ideas, innovation. She’s also Fire. Her energy is precise, focussed & intense. Fire can be radical (China: you follow me?). She’s also Circle: she loves federating, being part of a community, something bigger than just her self. Amongst the 15 Meta® coaches, she’s the one who decided that we could behave as a team. And guess what? She was right. It’s just that, of the 14 others, nobody had this great idea before!

What I love about her?

I am impressed by her inner ability to federate women in a very simple and caring way, neither competitive nor superficial. And finally there is also her laugh which bells like a little chime in the wind. She has a Spring laugh: aerial, sweet… it invites you to follow her in her Spring world.

My best Meta® moment with her?

 If I had to choose only one, it would be that precise moment I saw her for the first time in spring season colors. They revealed something light and delicate on her face whereas Autumn colors were too deep for her and gave her complexion a heaviness that was not appropriate. This particular day, I saw Marion’s natural beauty being revealed to my eyes for the first time. And those particular moments, when someone’s natural beauty is revealed, are my favorites…

Where can you find her?

#leaninstyle #naturalbeauty #coachingthroughstyling

Marion Raikhlin

Hi, I'm Marion! I'm curious (Spring), to the point (Fire), and I care (Cercle). Spring/Fire/Cercle, WTF??? Oh, it's only my Meta profile... With it, I know the clothing style that truly fits me and the strengths I carry in me since birth. Join the fun, find out what's your Meta profile! It won't just revolutionize your wardrobe, it's also change how you view yourself and others. That's the power behind La Metamorphose® of Flora Douville.